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A Waste of Time

A Waste of Time Mikeby Mike Curl What is a waste of time you might ask? Is time something that you can waste? Is time even a real thing or a figment of our imagination? How can you possibly waste something that is a non-tangible concept developed through mathematical perversions? Tricky questions indeed. First we must understand what it means to waste something. When we think about waste, we most often think about physical waste, such as rotten garbage or even [...]

Walking Without Eyes

teacher-picAs I walk down the sidewalk or through any plaza, I find myself, these days, having to constantly duck and weave to avoid bumping into my fellow citizen. No matter the city or country, a new phenomenon is occurring that, to me, is quite worrisome. More and more people, whether young or old, no longer are able to keep their eyes on the path they are walking, and instead, find their eyes glued to their smartphones searching the latest [...]

worry about money ?

What would you do if you didn’t need to worry about money? by Milo Weil Milo WeilThis sounds like an abstract question to almost everyone, although it is often used as an exercise to discover one’s calling. I’d like to believe that I am doing almost exactly what I would be doing if I weren’t concerned about money, but I know that isn’t completely true. I know I would be teaching fewer hours, and I would volunteer more. I would definitely [...]

Leaving the Comfort Zone

Mark RussellThe “Comfort Zone” is a warm and homely place, full of all of the things that keep you content and at ease. Everyone’s zone is different; some surround themselves with large groups of friends and family, while some choose to go it alone. Others will go out shopping or socialising, and then there are those that prefer to stay at home with a glass of wine and a movie. The “Comfort Zone” (CZ) is the term we give to [...]

I Still Call Australia Home

Joseph Luzza“I’ve been to cities that never close down” “From New York, to Rio and old London Town” “But no matter how far or how wide I roam” “I still call Australia home” These are the words to a song written by Peter Allen (a once famous Australia artist who moved to America to seek fame and glory) in 1980. Last year, after the death of my elderly father (my mother the previous year) I decided that at the ripe “young” age of [...]

Dog or Cat?

When people ask me, “are you a cat person or a dog person?”, I always have to stop for a moment and think about it. I am definitely an animal person, so I love all animals – even rats. I actually think rats are kind of cute in a toothy sort of way. But as for dogs and cats and whether I’m one or the other, it is quite a difficult question to answer. What are the qualities of cats [...]